Aus Rose Vallands Aufstellung der Mitarbeiter des ERR -

15 August 1945

"Hans BAMMANN was a Düsseldorf art dealer who had been obliged to give up his early studies of art history for financial reasons. Before the war, he had worked closely with museum officials of the Rhineland, and was highly regarded in German art circles. During the first stages of the French occupation, he came to Paris frequently as informal adviser to the directors of German museums who were
purchasing works of art in France. BAMMANN was exempted from military service early in the war to do this work, but was drafted into the army in 1942. He was transferred to the E.R.R. in December 1943 at the request of LOHSE and Adolf WUESTER, who persuaded General FEUCHTINGER, of the 21 st  Panzerdivision, stationed in Paris, to have him relieved temporarily from active duty. He remained with the Paris staff until its activities ended, at which time he was returned to his regiment. He was last known to be fighting on the Russian front.


BAMMANN never occupied an executive position on the art staff. As an outstanding authority on Dutch 17 th  century painting, it is believed that LOHSE wished to have him in the E.R.R. not only to counteract the dry scholarship of BORCHERS, but to assist LOHSE in his independent search for works of art for GOERING. All informants have attested to BAMMANN’s ability and character. His
wife resides at Schwarzenberg/Bregenzerwald."[1]


Offenbar waren die Beziehungen Wüsters zum ERR und Bruno Lohse doch intensiver, als er es bei den Verhören durch die alliierten Kunstschutzoffiziere zugeben mochte. Für Lohse war er als ausgewiesener Experte für die niederländische Kunst des 17. Jahrhunderts vermutlich vor allem beratend tätig und unterstützte ihn so bei den Akquisitionen für die Sammlung Görings, den Sonderauftrag Linz und andere hochrangige Auftraggeber.